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Moving value from named key up when previous is empty in associative array


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I have an array of data where a user can delete names and their value, like below. This is what the array looks like after a couple are deleted:

    [0] => Array
        [name1] => 
        [value1] => 
        [name2] => Name
        [value2] => 10
        [name3] => Another name
        [value3] => 20
        [name4] => 
        [value4] => 
        [name5] => And Another
        [value5] => 40

I need to dynamically move up the values if any are deleted, so the array becomes:

    [0] => Array
        [name1] => Name
        [value1] => 10
        [name2] => Another name
        [value2] => 20
        [name3] => And Another
        [value3] => 40
        [name4] => 
        [value4] => 
        [name5] => 
        [value5] => 

I need to keep all named keys in the array too. Has anyone ran across this problem?

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if you review your previous thread on the forum ( http://forums.phpfreaks.com/topic/279439-simple-shopping-cart/ ), where you were using array indexes with sequential numerical endings, the same as what you are doing now, someone suggested a simplified approach that reduced the amount of code to almost nothing.


you need to define a data structure that supports what you are doing, not make it harder. i'm betting if you use the same approach that was suggested in that previous thread, and use the name as the array index and the corresponding value as the array value, and just delete (unset()) the element(s) from the array, it will solve your problem.

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