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How to Convert HTML website to Wordpress?

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While there are some specific website to cms importing tools, does not always obtain all the data.(but certainly worth trying first)


This will go for any website to cms conversions.


Not all websites are created the same, to complicate it more not all cms are created the same or store all types of data your old website may have had...such as special scripts or functions to do something special. The new cms would have to have a plugin or module similar to do the same job.

The new cms needs to store the data the same way was originally intended, it's best to build specific queries and import it into tables related to either the new cms patterns or create new tables in the cms additionally. If that involves building a scraper to obtain your html/websites data so be it.

What is also needed is the sites and users uploaded files if are still needed, that will have to be done to match the new as well.

If is for a client and wants the same looks as had before, now are talking making a theme or modifying an existing theme for the new cms.


Back on the topic of the import tools will see around, if you have many members and lots of data you will have to consider memory and timeout limitations of the server.

 I've been converting websites since the 90's and is not often 2 procedures are exactly the same. What always does work is to scrape the old site systematically and obtaining the needed data into an array or cvs formatted data so is useful for anything needed to be imported into the new site. That will also include creating folders and saving any files associated.


If the old website is not that large, you are better off making new posts in the new cms using copy/paste. Most cms have categories and tag systems, pretty permalinks. Now is your chance to add additional information to an old article or page from an old html built website.

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