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Off topic, but I really need an oppinion


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I want to make a combat/training & resource/crafting text based game with very basic graphics.


The user has two types of energy:


- one for training combat stats

- one for pvp combat


The game will have an exploration mode and a base defense mode.


Players gather resources in a grid based world and use the resources found to craft better base defenses and equipment for their character.




With everything I have read with HTML5 and Unity and the time i have spent trying to contact someone about my idea, I have found nothing but headaches.




I have the finances and time to do whatever is needed. Where should I start :/


I didnt want to go with an old school method, but from what i am seeing on the other forums.... everything that has been created is far deeper than anything I am needing.



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If you have the finances you can find someone to develop it for you but then of course you need to be sure of a return on investment. Otherwise it becomes a blackhole where you throw money at. There are more efficient ways to make money with money (investing et al).


If you want to learn how to develop a game go to https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials. It contains tutorials on how to get started.


If you need models you can also buy them here:



Though I would keep it 'free' for as long as possible (having 2 squares fight each other is fine for a prototype). A game that costs you thousands but never provide any returns isn't a good investment even if you have a great cashflow.

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I am not wanting to show any fighting of any kind. Just the fight results...

It is a training game where players get energy every 5 minutes, it is used to train 1 of 5 combats stats.

Depending on your choices of training, your fighting stats will all be different.


Where could I find a demo or example of an energy based game where players can train stats and fight each other?

I would then later like to add a base defense feature, but that is only after I accomplish the training and combat.


Grid based resource gathering shouldnt be all too complicated either... struggling with the first part. Where to start, what to use, getting sick of watching videos that dont apply to anything I am doing lol

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If you want to assign energy points to players every 5 minutes you'll need something like a cronjob that runs a script that awards energy points every 5 minutes. Something like:


*/5 * * * * mysql -uMyUsername -pMyPassword -e 'UPDATE players SET energy_points += 1' mydbname
To train a specific stat you can then create a simple form where they select a stat and that stat gets 'trained'.


That's basically it.

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