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2 Login forms (auto complete)


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Hi everyone


I am building a CRM system/invoicing system in my spare time and on this system I have 2 login pages (there is a reason but its long).


one for the CRM system and one for the invoicing section.


They bother work perfectly well but I have a really annoying issue, If I were to store the login information to chrome passwords for example to the CRM system It would auto suggest to the other login and vice versa.


This wouldn't be a problem but the CRM login is username based, the invoicing section is login by email for additional security.


they're both called login.php


the two files are






I added a remember me cookie to the CRM system in hope that this would get around the issue but unfortunately the chrome saved information over rides this,

I also tried autocomplete="off" as I am using bootstrap as a framework.


How can I get around this?

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Well i have done a lot of reading since my first post apparently this is a bug in chrome which basically now ignores autcomplete=off,

The fields aren't the same one is email and password the other is username and password.


Its a really annoying bug, apparently according to google the user requirement for ignoring auto complete is a higher requirement than what developers want on their own pages.


This is now working fine in all other browsers other than chrome

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