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Opencart Getting error from installing ocmod.zip

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I've just started to use and I'm trying to convert over some of my own extensions I built for my store. 

I have started with a fresh install of and I built a very basic extension, I'm wanting to move over to the extension installer to install my future additions to my store instead of using vqmod. 

I have made my testerextension.ocmod.zip, inside this is: 


However when I use the installer to upload testerextension.ocmod.zip I'm getting the following error: 

Directory containing files to be uploaded could not be found

I have tracked this down to the ftp() class as I can see this error can be trigged in another class. 

I've also looked into the storage temp folder to find a folder unzipped called: testerextension.ocmod NOT upload. 

To rule out if there was an issue with OC system I have uploaded another extension from the extension store with the similar directory structure and similar ocmod.zip name only for it to correctly install. 

Therefore i'm unsure as to why this would be happening, I understand the system is looking for the upload folder in the temp folder but it's not there as it's one level deeper in the testerextension.ocmod - but as you can see from the directory structure above this shouldn't be happening. 

Does anyone have any idea where I could be going wrong?

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