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Modify PHP in wordpress.org Book Your Travel theme

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Hello to everybody.


I built a House Booking System site with this theme that i bought. BYT. They don't do custom coding.




We need to modify the PHP to add some capabilities.


1-The BYT search engine for now only filters some of the input fields (Accomodation details) like Where (location), When (dates in and out), and some other we don't need. We need to filter by number of people too. That is; Where, When, How many people.


2- Add a booking button in some sidebar. The booking is performed from the House page but i would like to copy the code to another php file (sidebar) Easy if u know how to do it.


3- Synch the BYT reservations with iCal or Google calendar. But BYT doesn't support APIs.... so i imagine is not possible. And sure expensive.

But there is a big need for that apart from myself. I'm sure tha anyone that does it will become fameous....


I'm ready to pay for it.



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