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Math God needed


Go to solution Solved by Barand,

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Thanks for thee responses guys.


Ya I meant spaced around its circumference. So together all 20 objects forms a circle.


I think this is the formula I saw when I was trying to google it Barand.


I'm confused about the theta part

Do I use pie for that?


Also not sure how this would give me 20 spaced out. But I guess the theta would determine that.


so really I need 20 slices of pie and a object in the middle of each slice on the circumference.


Maybe I need to find the circumference first then divide it out by 20.

Then find what each one would be spaced out on the circumference.

Then some how use that number with a formula to find my x and y?

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Here's an example

$width = 140;
$height = 140;
$rad = 60;
$dtheta = M_PI/10;

$im = "<svg width=\"$width\" height=\"$height\" viewBox=\"0 0 $width $height\" >\n
        <rect x='1' y='1' width='$width' height='$height' fill='black' />\n
        <g transform='translate(70,70)'>\n
        <circle cx='0' cy='0' r='$rad' stroke='white' fill='none' />\n";
for  ($theta=0; $theta<2*M_PI; $theta+=$dtheta) {
    $x = $rad*cos($theta);
    $y = $rad*sin($theta);
    $im .= "<circle cx='$x' cy='$y' r='5' fill='cyan' />\n";
$im .= "</g></svg>\n";

echo $im;


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