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Drupal 8 confusion

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Hey y'all.


I'm trying to learn Drupal in an effort to steer away from WordPress, and I'm having some issues. Hoping someone here can help me out.


I've created a custom content type via the admin menus in Drupal 8. Name of the content type is 'Staff Member', machine name 'staff-member'. I added a content block in my myTheme.info.yml file called 'Staff', and assigned the Staff Member content to that block in the Structure > Block Layout page of the backend. I've created and uploaded a couple template files (page--front.html.twig and node--staff-member.htm.twig) to the server. The problem that I'm having is that the data I've entered as a Staff Member data type is nowhere to be found. My page--front.hmtl.twig template is as follows (simple enough):

<p>This is the front page. hooray</p>

{{ dump(page) }}

At the bottom of the dump, I see my custom blocks - including 'staff', which contains no data. If I change page--front.html.twig to the following:

<p>This is the front page. hooray</p>
{{ page.content }}

the page spits out some of the Staff Member data in the content section. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be using the node--staff-member.html.twig template to display the data.


Clearly I'm missing something here, I just can't figure out what that something is. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I'm starting to run thin on hair from pulling it out over this. I've found a trillion and four tutorials on creating a custom content type, but not one of them goes into detail about how to display the custom content type data...


I've cleared the Drupal cache a million and seven times.

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