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elrte and elfinder


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Hi all


I have set of code for elrte and elfinder, the code works fine on one hosting package from one provider, however the same code is not working on another hosting package from another provider.


The code is as follows



<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
            $().ready(function() {
                var opts = {
                    cssClass : 'el-rte',
                    lang : 'en',
                    allowSource : 1, // allow user to view source
                    height : 450, // height of text area
                    toolbar : 'normal', // Your options here are 'tiny', 'compact', 'normal', 'complete', 'maxi', or 'custom'
                    cssfiles : ['http://www.wightwarriors.co/css/style.css'],
                    // elFinder
                    fmAllow : 1,
                    fmOpen : function(callback) {
                        $('<div id="myelfinder" />').elfinder({
                            url : 'http://www.wightwarriors.co/tapesup/library/connector.php', // elFinder configuration file.
                            lang : 'en',
                            dialog : { width : 900, modal : true, title : 'Files' }, // Open in dialog window
                            closeOnEditorCallback : true, // Close after file select
                            editorCallback : callback // Pass callback to file manager
                    //end of elFinder
                $('.editor').elrte(opts); // id of textarea you want rich edit on


The error generated in firebug is below


Notice</b>: Undefined index: extract in <b>/home/linweb41/i/iowislanders.co/user/htdocs/tapesup/library/elFinder.class.php</b> on line <b>321</b><br />


I don't understand why the same code works on one package but not another

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That's a PHP thing, not a Javascript thing.


Make sure you have the most recent version of elFinder - they may have fixed this already.


Otherwise I suggest fixing the problem in the actual code. You'd have to post what's in elFinder.php around lines 300-350.

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