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session_start() creates new session on page reload


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The sessions on my server are being written but are not getting read

the following code used:

if (isset($_POST['submit'])) {
if(!isset($_SESSION['cheese'])) {
$_SESSION['cheese'] = 1;
} else {

session_start() creates new session on page reload meaning its not picking up the session. The above code displays no value.

php ini file looks like this for sessions:



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The code doesn't display anything, so what exactly makes you think that sessions aren't resumed?


Execute this script twice and show us each response:



echo 'Cookies:<br>';
echo '<br>';

echo 'Session:<br>';

$_SESSION['test-8165'] = 'test';

Also check the PHP error log.

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If you're navigating to other pages you need session_start() at the top of them too if you're going to access session data. Session start doesn't just start a new session, but allows you to access the variables in your server.



$_SESSION['hello'] = 'Hi, there!';

echo '<a href="show.php">Click Me!</a>';


echo $_SESSION['hello'];

When you load index you'll get a hello message set to hello index in $_SESSION. When you navigate to show.php you will see the message.

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Are cookies disabled on your browser?  If so, enable them.  If not, try the following:

echo('session_name(): <pre>'.print_r(session_name(),1).'</pre>');
echo('session_id(): <pre>'.print_r(session_id(),1).'</pre>');
echo('session_get_cookie_params(): <pre>'.print_r(session_get_cookie_params(),1).'</pre>');
echo('$_COOKIE: <pre>'.print_r($_COOKIE,1).'</pre>');
echo('$_SESSION: <pre>'.print_r($_SESSION,1).'</pre>');
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the OP's symptom is most probably due to php not being able to send the session cookie to the browser. the session data file is still created in this instance.


does the OP have php's error_reporting set to E_ALL and display_errors set to ON in the php.ini on his development system so that php would report and display all the errors it detects, particularly a couple of warnings at the session_start() statement?

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