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Cookies and times page is visited.

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So I need a page that holds a cookie name and will tell you how much times this cookie name is visited.


So I got this for the form.


So lets say I type in the form the name Paul, next time if I type Paul again the cookie will say, hello paul you have visited this page 3 times depenting ofcourse how much time he as visited already.


If I will type another name like Bob, it will say, Hello bob you have visited this page 1 time.

Somebody can help with this ty.


echo "naam:<input type=\"text\" name=\"name\" size=\"20\"><br/>";
echo "<input type=\"submit\" value=\"Verzenden\" />";
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ok firstly you would need to set a cookie for the page your talking about....here is a example

setcookie ('time_visited', time(), 3600, '/' , 'domain.com', true, false);

when revisiting this page again you can do something like this:

if (isset($_COOKIE['time_visited']))
    $time_visited = $_COOKIE['time_visited'];
    $last_visited = date('m/d/Y H:i:s', $time_visited);

    echo "Hi User, you last visited: " . $last_visted;

you may want to look at the manuel here regarding cookies: http://php.net/manual/en/function.setcookie.php


i hope this is what you are looking for

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