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I'm trying to out put all Crelly Slider Alias's within Redux Framework Options in a Dropdown Select.


I must confess i'm a novice at PHP ... I've attached the code from within Crelly Slider to show how it outputs the Alias names and i've also attached the Redux Code for the dropdown with an existing select .. I somehow need to output a list of all Crelly Alias's into

'options'	=> array( 'asc' => 'Ascending', 'desc' => 'Descending' ),

Obviously replacing the exisiting options.


Here is the full Crelly Output

global $wpdb;
$sliders = $wpdb->get_results('SELECT * FROM ' . $wpdb->prefix . 'crellyslider_sliders');

if(!$sliders) {
	echo '<div class="cs-no-sliders">';
	_e('No Sliders found. Please add a new one.', 'crellyslider');
	echo '</div>';
	echo '<br /><br />';
else {
	<table class="cs-sliders-list cs-table">
				<th colspan="5"><?php _e('Sliders List', 'crellyslider'); ?></th>
			<tr class="cs-table-header">
				<td><?php _e('ID', 'crellyslider'); ?></td>
				<td><?php _e('Name', 'crellyslider'); ?></td>
				<td><?php _e('Alias', 'crellyslider'); ?></td>
				<td><?php _e('Shortcode', 'crellyslider'); ?></td>
				<td><?php _e('Actions', 'crellyslider'); ?></td>
			foreach($sliders as $slider) {
				echo '<tr>';
				echo '<td>' . $slider->id . '</td>';
				echo '<td><a href="?page=crellyslider&view=edit&id=' . $slider->id . '">' . $slider->name . '</a></td>';
				echo '<td>' . $slider->alias . '</td>';
				echo '<td>[crellyslider alias="' . $slider->alias . '"]</td>';
				echo '<td>
					<a class="cs-edit-slider cs-button cs-button cs-is-success" href="?page=crellyslider&view=edit&id=' . $slider->id . '">' . __('Edit Slider', 'crellyslider') . '</a>
					<a class="cs-delete-slider cs-button cs-button cs-is-danger" href="javascript:void(0)" data-delete="' . $slider->id . '">' . __('Delete Slider', 'crellyslider') . '</a>
				echo '</tr>';

<br />
<a class="cs-button cs-is-primary cs-add-slider" href="?page=crellyslider&view=add"><?php _e('Add Slider', 'crellyslider'); ?></a>

And my Redux Option

				'id'		=> 'alias_select',
				'type'		=> 'select',
				'title'		=> __( 'Alias Select', 'ultra-web-admin' ),
				'desc'		=> __( 'Select Slider Alias.', 'ultra-web-admin' ),
				'options'	=> array( 'asc' => 'Ascending', 'desc' => 'Descending' ),
				'default'	=> 'asc'

I would be really grateful if anyone could assist me .


Thank you !

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