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suggest framework - custom php marketplace

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I have two questions for you. 


Until now, i programmed php with a text editor. Someone, tell me that i'm silly. He use a framework, which help him write clean code, with new php functions. He said me that when my code deprecated, this framework help me (suggest me) replace these specific functions with the new one. Is there any framework to do this? And what framework you proposed me to use?


Furthermore, i want to build a php marketplace. I dont want to use any free or paid template - code. What php must use for security? I see in wordpress and joomla code that programmers use pdo. What's your opinion?


Thank you my friends!


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Stick to one topic, don't try to solve ten problems at once.


First off, what does a framework have to do with a text editor? Do you mean an IDE (integrated development environment) instead? An IDE can ideed help you write better code and avoid deprecated features. Which one you use is a matter of personal preferences. Try out Netbeans and Eclipse and see if you like them.

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