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Which web application i used to develope this?

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my web application contains these files , it was developed using PHP... Could you please tell me in which web application i have to use for editing some files & run for errors? Pleas see the images of project directories..




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Will be blunt, it may be beyond your ability?

Am not trying to be rude, just realistic about this. It's not a simple or small application.

Get someone who knows what are doing and save yourself an enormous amount of time.


You have an error_log file, try there first

Move onto any other error logs...for example the log files for the server stored in apache and mysql folders. Windows or Linux based server? Locations for these will vary depending the operating system and then even some distro's.


Follow along what has in this link, will give you some information will need about your configuration.



Make a file and paste this code within. Name this phpinfo.php and visit this new script in the url. Trying to run in a local server? http://localhost/phpinfo.php  Have a qualified server online? http://yourdomain.com/phpinfo.php

<?php phpinfo();?>

Some information how you managed to have this? Was there ever a time was error free and worked? Made specific for you? Found on the roadside like an abandoned puppy and kept it? All of a sudden not working? Server updates or new host then stopped working? Would be so many questions...


If felt like opening some files in an editor to make some changes like a new domain or file locations for the application...try notepad plus


If you have error reporting enabled and had any specific errors feel free to post here as that could help narrow down issues. If you post a huge error log file some may not sift through it.


Again..just going by how you asked the question...should probably hire someone that does this. We have a wonderful for hire jobs section .

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