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Hi guys, just wanted to start by saying I'm really glad you are rockin' the new owner gig, I was greatly disappointed when I thought that this resource was gone from the web (though I have to confess I did hope my warning points would have been left on the old servers ;)


Now to point - I spend way too much time on twitter and as such have gotten into the habit of referring to people online with the @username handle.  Does anyone think it would be a half-way-decent idea if the forum could throw a notification at someone when they are referred to by this (or a custom) method and link back to the post that it was done on?


I don't even know if it's practical or possible or if I'm just talking bat guano crazy.


Anyway, I thought I would throw it out there, now I'm going to run for cover.



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Well I don't know about you, but I quite like to know when people are talking about me ;D

Lol! Yeah, I know. It is the natural reaction when you hear that somebody is talking about you. "What did they say, what did they say, tell me tell me."

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No reason why we couldn't do it...


But before that we're considering what to do with the forum software itself. Like, should we upgrade, or switch to something else besides IPB? Or upgrade now and switch later?

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@requinix - keep us posted on the decision when you have one?


@Zane - I obviously don't know as much as you guys, but that flarum forum does look good - particularly like the floating composer for making life easier when referencing code up the page (and the built in @ tagging ofc :) ) so yeah, I'd be quite happy if you guys wanted to go down that road.  The only other way to go -I think- would be something like oxwall (if your at all interested in going down a more "social" kind of route, which given programmers are rarely people persons may well not be a consideration)- but I doubt that the back end supports code integration and if I remember right from when I looked at it a few years ago it's a major pain to customise the source.

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No reason to undermine yourself, Muddy_Funster.


At one point in time, while we were on SMF, one of our staff created a bbcode mod for creating links to user accounts based on their username, but I don't think the idea ever surfaced about notifying the member of it.  It's a decent idea, but most definitely not a high priority thing, hardly even a low priority, but we do appreciate the suggestion!  I encourage anyone to post any and all suggestions they may have, in this forum in particular, because that's what this forum is here for.... and if it wasn't made clear already, by "this forum" I mean "PHPFreaks.com Questions, Comments, & Suggestions"

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