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timeago function giving wrong value

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Hi all


Trying to use a timeago function, however for a date and time for today of 2016-07-02 16:41:48 it is showing at 46 years ago.


below is the function


function ago($timestamp)
    $diff = time() - (int)$timestamp;
    //echo $diff;

    if ($diff == 0)
         return 'just now';

    $intervals = array
        1                   => array('year',    31556926),
        $diff < 31556926    => array('month',   2628000),
        $diff < 2629744     => array('week',    604800),
        $diff < 604800      => array('day',     86400),
        $diff < 86400       => array('hour',    3600),
        $diff < 3600        => array('minute',  60),
        $diff < 60          => array('second',  1)

     $value = floor($diff/$intervals[1][1]);
     return $value.' '.$intervals[1][0].($value > 1 ? 's' : '').' ago';


and this is how I am displaying it


echo '<span class="timeAgo">'.ago($row['date_time']).'</span>';
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The $intervals array is truly one of the weirdest pieces of code I've ever seen. Where do you got this from? It also seems you're trying to cast a timestamp string into a integer, somehow expecting it to (magically?) turn into a Unix timestamp. This makes no sense and will give you 2016 as Unix time, which was indeed 46 years ago.


I'd scrap the code and do it properly with the DateTime class. Yes, PHP can do date calculations. ;)


$timeIntervalAttributeNames = [
    'y' => 'year',
    'm' => 'month',
    'd' => 'day',
    'h' => 'hour',
    'i' => 'minute',
    's' => 'second',

$testTimestamp = '2016-07-02 16:41:48';
$testDateTime = DateTime::createFromFormat('Y-m-d G:i:s', $testTimestamp);

$now = new DateTime();
$diff = $now->diff($testDateTime);

$formattedDiff = '';
foreach ($timeIntervalAttributeNames as $attribute => $name)
    $val = $diff->$attribute;
    if ($val != 0)
        $formattedDiff = $val.' '.$name.($val > 1 ? 's' : s);

echo $formattedDiff;
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If you your datetime is coming from Mysql you can let the DB do the work.

SELECT DATEDIFF(NOW(),'2016-07-02 16:41:48') AS date_time

<?= "<span class='timeAgo'>{ago($row['date_time'])}</span>" ?>
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