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Problem getting clone section to work

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Here is my problem


I have two tables on the left section1 on top and section2 at the bottom

each section has its own button to insert row

section 1 has different number of fields than that on section 2.

the problem is when i clicked on New Row on section 2 it clones the row from section 1 which is wrong,

it should clone the row of the section where it belongs.

can you help me with this?

Thank you

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Your HTML has 4 <tr> elements with an id of 'row', which is wrong from a purely semantic point of view. The point of an id is that (much like Highlander) there can be only one (per page). You've also got 2 'container' ids. You'll find JavaScript and jQuery much easier to deal with if your markup up is syntactically correct, so I'd start looking there. Associate each of the 'new row' buttons with the form by putting the button in the form itself, then you've got a frame within which to work.

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