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Parse the element from tag

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I need some help with my code. I want to get the element from the tag called `<p id='categories'>`.

Here is the php:

    ini_set('max_execution_time', 300);
    $errmsg_arr = array();
    $errflag = false;
    function getState($string)
      $ex = explode(" ",$string."  ");
      return $ex[1];
    $xml = "";
    $xml .= '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>';
    $xml .= '
    <tv generator-info-name="www.mysite.com/xmltv">';
    $baseUrl = file_get_contents('www.myscript.com/get-listing.php');
    $domdoc = new DOMDocument();
    $domdoc->strictErrorChecking = false;

Here is the html source:

    <p id='categories'>Sports</p>

I have no idea how to parse the element from the `<p id='categories'` tag.

Can you please show me an example how I can parse the element from the `<p id='categories' tag` to make it show as `Sports`??

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PHP gets its input from form elements via the Get and POST arrays. You know that, don't you?


Sorry - now I see that you are parsing this by reading some other script.


So you are beginning to use the dom functions. Have you read up on examples of how to parse that document yet?

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Thank you very much for this, is that the correct one that I should use?

$elements = $xpath->query("*/p[@id='yourTagIdHere']");



I too need to better understand the query syntax. I believe  [@id=yourTagIdHere] is fine.  I've only currently used the class attribute, and used something like '//p[@class=yourClassHere]'Maybe you don't need the p since the id should uniquely identify the element type?  I believe // will search from the current node and children, but not sure about */.

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Find any elements with id attribute = 'category'

$elements = $xpath->query("*[@id='category']");

Find "p" elements anywhere in the document with id attribute = 'category'

$elements = $xpath->query("//p[@id='category']");

As stated, an id should be unique, so either method should do it

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