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best PHP framework for PHP newbie


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Hello, just want a quick survey.

I am new at PHP, but I have programming experience previously in .NET (not MVC)


what is the framework that you recommend I learn?

there are a lot that i read about - CakePHP, Zend, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Laravel.


And which one is a marketable skill, and has a good chance of surviving the IT industry ? :)

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If you're starting to look at a framework as of today or in any near future, I'd obivously ask you to take a look at Laravel Framework.

Start with the documentation available at its official site. I personally learn using free series at laracast.com




Declaimer: I write about Laravel Development

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Laravel and Symfony are both good frameworks. Kahuna is an interesting one to look at and fairly simple (or was the last time I played with it, about 3 years ago).


Though, these are full-fledged frameworks and may "scare" new people away with information overload. This is of course depending on what type of person you are and how you learn. I would suggest looking at micro frameworks and working your way up, as they are more simplistic, not as large and you can scale them up to the full frameworks as you get more familiar with it.


Silex is the micro framework for Symfony, easy to get started on it and figure out what's going on.


Lumen is the micro framework for Laravel, also easy to get started on it and figure what's going on.


Slim is a micro framework for making APIs fast, it's pretty nice, if you're into making APIs I would check that out.



Keeping it simple and scaling up when it comes to learning can be a good way to learn, as then you understand more what each included package does as you install it as needed (i.e. scale up the micro framework with extra packages). Starting off the bat with a full framework, you may have to do a bit of research to find out what each package within the framework does, how it acts, etc. Especially in Laravel, which has crazy names for things that absolutely make no sense at all, half of the time. Again, that can be a great way to learn, but all depends on your learning style.

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According to me Today most demanding framework is laravel. there are lot’s of client prefer for developments.


For me the easiest to learn was Fat-Free framework.Fat-Free framework is very un-opinionated. Once you build a very small application in it, you will enjoy how much you have accomplished doing so little.laravel reminds me pretty much of ruby on rails, but without all the fuzz and strict conventions. It's quality from inside out. Easy to learn, powerful, and an extremely fast growing community.

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