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Hi all.

I am fairly new to PHP.

I believe I am one of the few female programmers around.

I actually "abandoned" programming for a few years. I worked mostly with Microsoft technologies before.

Then I worked as Support, and Analyst.

Then became a wife and mom.

Now, I am back to regular programming, with PHP as my new language.

Hope to learn much for you all.



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As for "one of the few female programmers around", the first compiler ever written by anyone was written by Grace Hopper, a woman.


When I began programming for the US Army in 1972, my supervisor was a female civilian. There was five or six people in my group and beside our supervisor, there were at least two other women. There were always women working with me as programmers. I don't doubt that discrimination still exists but I sure have not seen it.


Many years ago I went to computer clubs and there were no women there. I am sure they would have been eager for women to join them.

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