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API shopping coding

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I have website with a API coded shopping shopping cart.  I need a code so when a customer uploads an image they can resize the image by clicking on the different arrows to make the image smaller or larger and center it on the garment.  I guess you can tell from the way Im asking this question that Im not a tech person and I dont know if Im in the right place to ask the question.  So any help or direction you can give will be most welcomed.

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If you need to stay on the page and reload only that look into jquery or ajax codes pertaining to it, otherwise can use a form with POST or GET so it loads your specific image size requested. That will reload entire page with the set image size.


You can use css to change the image being displayed or even gd or imagmagic and store these images for future use.

Is quite a few image resize scripts around. Then can cache the images.

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