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youtube batch thumbnail downloader?


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as above,


i am trying to do a small art project but it will mean i need to get a whole load of video thumbnails for certain youtube channels.


after searching the internet i come across a lot of PHP related functions but i'm not sure where to go.


basically can it be done with PHP/feeds/API etc..


i need to display a PHP web page that just echo's a certain youtubers video thumbnails from say the past 12 months in an OK size (small/medium thumbnail) and then i can manually right click and save each one?


any help or even code on the matter would be lovely. or even links to web pages that can do this for me?


i'm not even sure it can be done.

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Are you aware you just need to have the video id and and use it in place of video_id any one of the following urls for the image?



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