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how do I correctly check a string for bad words

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function checkUsernameIsCleanOfBadWords($string) {
    $badWords = "[";
    $badWords.= "ARSE|";
    $badWords.= "*******|";
    $badWords.= "*****|";    //    i
    $badWords.= "B1TCH|";    //    one    
    $badWords.= "BLTCH|";    //    L
    $badWords.= "BOLLOCKS|";//    oh oh
    $badWords.= "BOLL0CKS|";//    oh zero
    $badWords.= "B0LLOCKS|";//    zero oh
    $badWords.= "B0LL0CKS|";//    zero zero
    $badWords.= "****|";    //    oh
    $badWords.= "C0CK|";    //    zero
    $badWords.= "CLIT|";    //    L i
    $badWords.= "CIIT|";    //    i i
    $badWords.= "CILT|";    //    i L
    $badWords.= "CLLT|";    //    L L
    $badWords.= "C11T|";    //    one one
    $badWords.= "CL1T|";    //    L one
    $badWords.= "C1LT|";    //    one L
    $badWords.= "****|";
    $badWords.= "dickhead|";//    i
    $badWords.= "dLckhead|";//    L
    $badWords.= "d1ckhead|";//    one
    $badWords.= "fanny|";
    $badWords.= "****|";
    $badWords.= "gay|";
    $badWords.= "lesbian|";    //    i
    $badWords.= "lesbLan|";    //    L
    $badWords.= "lesb1an|";    //    one
    $badWords.= "*****|";    //    i
    $badWords.= "pen1s|";    //    one
    $badWords.= "penls|";    //    L
    $badWords.= "pOOf|";    //    oh oh
    $badWords.= "pO0f|";    //    oh zero
    $badWords.= "p0Of|";    //    zero oh
    $badWords.= "p00f|";    //    zero zero
    $badWords.= "prick|";    //    i
    $badWords.= "pr1ck|";    //    one
    $badWords.= "prLck|";    //    L
    $badWords.= "rape|";
    $badWords.= "****|";    //    i
    $badWords.= "sh1t|";    //    one
    $badWords.= "shLt|";    //    L
    $badWords.= "wank]";
        if(preg_match(strtolower($badwords), strtolower($string))) {
        return "bad";
    return "ok";

if (checkUsernameIsCleanOfBadWords($username) === "bad") {
// tell them so.

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The OP likes to post his questions on many different forums at the same time. This has already been answered on CodingForums ($badWords isn't $badwords).

Edited by Jacques1

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