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Modifying code for Buddypress community

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Good day,

I have a limited understanding of php. I have been working on creating a community using buddypress/wordpress for 6 months now. I have overcome very many obstacles. However there is one obstacle i have been stuck on for months now.


My community would be similar to a link submission site. I want links posted to be voted on daily, i want the links ordered from most voted to least voted. I want the vote count to refresh every 24 hours.


I found a solution here: http://bavotasan.com/2009/simple-voting-for-wordpress-with-php-and-jquery/


This solution works, but it does not refresh every 24 hours. As far as i can tell, all i need to do is add a simple code to vote.php or functions.php? Any ideas?



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Sorry, i have found a updated version of this. Here: http://bavotasan.com/2011/a-better-voting-system-for-wordpress/


The functions file looks like this: 

add_action("wp_ajax_add_votes_options", "add_votes_options");
add_action("wp_ajax_nopriv_add_votes_options", "add_votes_options");
function add_votes_options() {
	if (!wp_verify_nonce($_POST['nonce'], 'voting_nonce'))

	$postid = $_POST['postid'];
	$ip = $_POST['ip'];
	$voter_ips = get_post_meta($postid, "voter_ips", true);
	if(!empty($voter_ips) && in_array($ip, $voter_ips)) {
		echo "null";
	} else {
		$voter_ips[] = $ip;
		update_post_meta($postid, "voter_ips", $voter_ips);
	$current_votes = get_post_meta($postid, "votes", true);
	$new_votes = intval($current_votes) + 1;
	update_post_meta($postid, "votes", $new_votes);
	$return = $new_votes>1 ? $new_votes." votes" : $new_votes." vote";
	echo $return;

Perhaps i just need a bit of code to refresh the $votes count?

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Is my understanding you want the totals for votes somewhere like the sidebar and to refresh every so often.

Is no need to modify the current script have, that either adds a vote or not upon casting a vote via POST.


You need to write a script to query and fetch all the results, can use a header or meta refresh and include or iframe the script in a sidebar text widget.


I would think refreshing it more often be needed as well.

Must be before any output at the beginning of the script.

header( "refresh:30;url=script_name.php" );

Meta does not need to be at the beginning.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30;URL='http://site.com/script_name.php'" />
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Pretty much you have to query the counts sorted in the order you desire.

Then fetch the post_id's information for each so is something of value to show and possibly click on as well.

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@QuickOldCar, by refresh, I think he means the vote count is reset every day back to 0.

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