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Using PHP-parser for wordpress (using composer)

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I am sorry but I am not sure if this question should be here for PHP applications or in PHP scripts. I think that PHP-parser qualifies as an application but I am not sure.


I don't mind learning what I need to but I mainly want to know if I misunderstand and am wasting my time.

I want to use GitHub - nikic/PHP-Parser: A PHP parser written in PHP to process WordPress to analyze WordPress. The documentation at PHP-Parser/2_Usage_of_basic_components.markdown at master · nikic/PHP-Parser · GitHub shows use of Composer.

As best as I understand, to use Composer, I must install WordPress using Composer and I must use Composer with WordPress to use PHP-Parser to process WordPress. Do I understand properly?


The documentation of PHP-Parser says that PHP's token_get_all is an alternative so I will try that but I want to also try PHP-Parser if possible.

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What exactly do you mean by “analyzing Wordpress”?


WordPress and Composer have nothing to do with each other. Composer is a package manager which is commonly used (but not required) to install libraries like the above mentioned PHP-Parser. Where the WordPress code you want to parse comes from is entirely irrelevant. I've actually never heard of any WordPress package for Composer.

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