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Name of Array Within an Array

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PHPFreaks folks,


How in the heck do I name an array within an array (multidimensional array), so that I can bring it up by array name instead of array number?  Please help me out here -- its over my head, I guess.

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An array inside of an array doesn't have any 'name'. An array is one variable name. If you have an array inside an array it is simply an element/index of that array.


$array1 = array('A'=>'valuea','B'=>'valueb','C'=>array('x','y','z'),'D'=>'valued');


You have a php var called $array1 here.

In that var you have 4 elements - index 'A', index 'B', index 'C' & index 'D'.

Within one of those elements you have an array buried containing 3 elements with numeric keys and the values of 'x', 'y', & 'z'.


You reference the array as






You can also reference the C element this way

$array1['C'][0], $array1['C'][1] & $array1['C'][2]


Referencing the A, B & D elements will give you the values you expect. Referencing $array1['C'] will give you an array. You will have to handle it differently by checking if the type of the element is in fact an Array and then loop thru that array's elements.


A complete dump of the above:

foreach($array1 as $k=>$v)
{ if (is_array($v))
echo 'element $k contains ';
foreach ($v as $k2=>$v2)
echo "$k2 = $v2 ";
echo "element $k is $v ";


Hope this gets you seeing it.

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