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A variable as array value


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Hi All,

I think I'm being pretty daft!


I currently have the following:

$categories = array( 'cat 1', 'cat 2', 'cat 3');

This is fine but the issue is it required someone manually entering the values.


I therefore setup a loop which gets all my categories:

$subcats = array();
foreach($wctTerms as $wctTerm) {
	$subcats[] = $wctTerm->slug;

I can then use:

$comma_separated  = implode (", ", $subcats);

Which spits out what I need: cat 1, cat 2, cat 3 etc.


But how do I get this back into the original $categories part. I thought:

$categories = array( $comma_separated  );

But that doesn't work


Feeling pretty daft right now! Any pointers much appreciated

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Thank you all for you comments


@Barand, I think that was the missing piece I needed. So if I've understood you correctly, I could just do this:

$categories = array();
foreach($wctTerms as $wctTerm) {
	$categories[] = $wctTerm->slug;

Would that work?


I think I've over complicated something very simple (the usual!)

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I guess if the code above means i don't need to convert to a string, then put the string back into the array then I think we're all good


apologies if I've confused the matter


All I want to do is automate the process so instead of typing everything into $categories = array ('manually adding each category'); I thought if I loop the categories I can make this automatically happen


I've a feeling I got myself in a muddle and therefore, if I set up my loop and add each value into the $categories array, this will do the same as the line of code above?

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