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Insert text from SQL to CKEDITOR

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I have install CKEDITOR to output text.Now i want to retrieve this text from SQL DB and insert into CKEDITOR for changes and updates.The value that I need to pass is $post_article.`The code below:

<div class="form-group" id="article">
  <textarea class="form-control" name="post_article"  cols="30" rows="20"></textarea>
        <script>CKEDITOR.replace( 'post_article' );
 CKEDITOR.instances.post_article.setData( '<p><?php echo $post_article;?></p>');

Unfortunately it doesn't work.Any suggestions or solutions?

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Without you giving us the value of $post_article, I would have to guess that there's a single quote in it causing your JS to fail.  You would need to replace ' with \'.

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