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PHP MYSQL Query Help

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Hi Guys,


I have a JET SQL query that i need to convert to MYSQL (Appologies too if this is posted in the wrong section.. i never know whether to go PHP or MYSQL!)


Im not being lazy.. ive tried for hours but cannot get it to work, it has two depth inner join and a group by with a where (with 1 criteria)...


If anyone can help id massively appreciate it and also explain how you got there...


SELECT Count(tbl_Items.ItemID) AS CountOfItemID, tbl_LU_Collections.CollectionDesc
FROM (tbl_Items LEFT JOIN tbl_LU_Categories ON tbl_Items.ItemCategory = tbl_LU_Categories.ItemCatID) LEFT JOIN tbl_LU_Collections ON tbl_LU_Categories.CollectionID = tbl_LU_Collections.CollectionID
WHERE (((tbl_Items.RetailProduct)=-1))
GROUP BY tbl_LU_Collections.CollectionDesc;

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Try this 

	Count(ti.itemid) AS CountOfItemID,
	tbl_items ti
LEFT JOIN tbl_lu_categories cat ON ti.itemcategory = cat.itemcatid
LEFT JOIN tbl_lu_collections col ON cat.collectionid = col.collectionid
	ti.retailproduct = 1
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