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Free Deployment Tools?


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I have a digitalocean account and would like to be able to auto deploy code to the digitalocean server after a push from my local machine.

I've been using beanstalkapp to do this with one of my projects.  I love beanstalkapp ... it's easy to use, and well documented.  Not being a sys-admin this is important to me.

The problem is they only allow 1 free repo and I need another for this charitable app I'm making for my school.


Is there any other free repo solution I can use to push code to a staging / production server (at digitalocean)   Please keep in mind I'm not a sys-admin so it has to be simple like beanstalkapp.



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I had someone on a budget once (read: $10/month).  My solution, while not elegant, worked.


  1. Ensure your code is in Git
  2. Configure the deploy user to have access to Git via SSH
  3. Clone the repo into the directory you wish to serve it out of
  4. Create a cron that runs ever x minutes/hours that will do the following:
    cd /path/to/your/code && git reset --hard && git pull origin master

This solved their problem.  There are better solutions (Jenkins, for example), but if you want simple, cron + git works.

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