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Weird Cookie Issue

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Hello, I am sure this will be an easy one for you pros, and hopefully I am in the right place, but I am still wetting my feet with php and this one has me stumped.


I have a customer that claims their wordpress website sets a cookie when someone chooses a state so then when they click on the homepage later on they are actually redirected to a state specific version.


I know enough to be dangerous and I went through the code looking for the setcookie script with no luck, then I checked if a cookie was even being set (I took his word for it initially) and nothing was there (after multiple refreshes too and making sure cookies were accepted) so then I used cookie-checker.com to check the site and it agrees that no cookies are being set by the domain?! So I let the customer know he's either been duped by the previous developer or perhaps it broke somewhere along the way, but he sent me a screenshot showing a cookie with a state as the value??!!


What now? Apart from some conspiracy theory about the previous developer setting some computer specific trick for my customer I need some help on what may be going on and how to fix it.


Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Ask the customer how exactly the state-specific version looks like (ideally with a screenshot). This should be easy to search for in the database and/or code.


Note that cookies can also be set with JavaScript, so you could try another code search.


If nothing helps, try to reproduce the customer's situation as accurately as possible. Use the same role (or even the same account), try a different browser, maybe even use a proxy. If possible, also ask your customer to try different browsers so that you can rule out any client-side influences (browser extensions, malware, ...).

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