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Adding a quicktime video to my web page

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I've posted many webpages with pictures on them and they are pretty easy. Now I want to post a couple iphone videos that I uploaded to my server. These are .MOV files and I have searched quite a bit for recent posts about how this is done. I know nothing about this and some of the stuff I have found is beyond me. Is there a simple way of doing this? And if not, how about the hard way although not too hard. I don't want to do anything complex like using Youtube or other file converters. I would think it would be possible to just take my own videos and upload them and place them on my own web pages.


I have tried the following snippets:



echo "<video controls='controls' width='300' height='200' name='$name' src='$href'></video>";



echo "<embed src='$href' width='150' height='100' scale='tofit' autoplay='false' controller='true' loop='false'  bgcolor='#C0C0C0' type='video/quicktime' pluginspage='http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/'>

But neither do anything than display a sized box on my screen. Clicking on them does nothing.


The only reference I found on this forum is from 2007, so I discounted that.


Any help will be appreciated.

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Thanks Benanamen but that is exactly what I don't want to do. Don't want to upload my vids to other sites to view them and in the other choice it doesn't support .mov files. Really looking for the simple approach to uplaode it to MY site and rely on a downloaded plugin(?) that is called by the browser if the client doesn't already have the proper tool. Is that not possible? Kinda like how PDF files work when one clicks on the link.

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Ok - I have found this to work.


<a><video preload='none' controls='controls' width='300' height='200' name='$file' src='$href' ></video></a>

Have to experiment with other clients to see if something needs to be loaded since my machine has already loaded some things. Buffering too.
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The code that I posted prior is working almost perfect. I'd like to find a way to get it to pre-load in order to avoid the buffering, but that isn't working that well.


Thanks for sharing.

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