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Module name changing causes broken link in phreebook


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I am working as freelancer and have gotten a project to customize a opensource called phreebooks for a client. My client wants to rename 3 modules such as phreebook, phreeform and phreedom as finance, report and company.  I am successfully done with the two modules phreebook to finance and phreedom to company. But after changing phreeform module to report, the print option is not working. 


Here is the screenshot of the pop-up page where the print option comes.  If you have seen phreebooks earlier, there should be a tab 'Criteria' which is missing after renamed the module.




In error log it says : Company: phree RUN-TIME WARNING: 'Creating default object from empty value' line 51 in file F:\wamp\www\phree\modules\report\pages\popup_gen\pre_process.php

 if (isset($_GET['xfld'])) { // check for extra filters
      if (isset($_GET['xfld']))  $report->xfilterlist[0]->fieldname = $_GET['xfld'];  
      if (isset($_GET['xcr']))  $report->xfilterlist[0]->default   = $_GET['xcr'];
      if (isset($_GET['xmin'])) $report->xfilterlist[0]->min_val   = $_GET['xmin']; 
     if (isset($_GET['xmax']))  $report->xfilterlist[0]->max_val = $_GET['xmax']; // line no 51 

I am not getting what went wrong and where. I mean what may be the missing links here? Can somebody help me out?

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