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OOP - Class Code Review

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The name “LoginAttemptsLog” is unfortunate, because it implies that the class is very generic and pretty much the only valid implementation. But it's the exact opposite: It's highly specialized and just one of many possible implementations. There could also be a file-based logger, a MongoDB logger and whatnot. How are you going to name those? So something like “SQLLoginAttemptsLog” is more appropriate.


My preference is to list the common name first. So something like "LoginAttemptsLog-SQL", "LoginAttemptsLog-MongoDB", etc. That way if all your include files are stored in the same directory, the login attempt classes are grouped together when the files are sorted alphabetically.

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That makes more sense to me but my OOP experience is extremely limited at this point. That is also the same type of style I have used in naming database columns and header and footer files.









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