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How to handle a " in PHP files / LOAD ATA IN FILE


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Hi All,


I am running a PHP script on a daily basis to import data into my database. THe PHP file is executed by my Windows Services.

The PHP file is a LOAD DATA IN FILE script and looks like the below:

LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '\master_import\\myfilename.csv' IGNORE
INTO TABLE mydatabase.mytable
, name
, action_date
, location
, type_of_outlet

The ENCLOSED BY '"' is where my problem lies, as I do not know how to use the '"' without PHP reading it as a " to close the script.


Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


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You don't know about backslashes? How do you not know about backslashes?

echo "String with a " quote"; // nope
echo "String with a \" quote"; // winner

Somehow with my brain working overtime and not being a seasoned php script writer I didn't even think of doing this, although I know I have done it in the past.



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