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Basic php help - PHP hooks

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Hi everyone


I've been developing Wordpress sites for years but never had to go into PHP until now. 


I have a Gravity form and another plugin called Gravity Advanced File Uploader. What I am trying to do is retrieve a YouTube ID when the user uploads a video via the form and store it in another field automatically. The video currently uploads using a YouTube API key before the form is submitted.


The plugin developer has supplied the hook needed but being new to PHP I have no idea how to integrate this.


add_action(‘prso_gform_youtube_uploader_pre_update_meta’, ‘prso_get_youtube_id’);


function prso_get_youtube_id( $field_values, $form_data ) {


//$field_values is an array containing array of field_ids and video ids


//$form_data contains info on the submitted form and entries





I'm assuming I also need to use something like gform_field_value as well to store the retrieved video ID.


Sorry if this seems confusing, I really am new to all this code!



Thanks in advance.

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