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Convert Notices/Warnings to Exceptions


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Notices and warnings are not fatal, but if you turn them into exceptions then they won't be.


Go ahead and do that if you want in a development environment in order to find potential bugs, but don't do it in production - you don't want some random fluke somewhere to take down your site.

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This is not a good idea, because warning and notices can happen even in perfectly written code. For example, it's sometimes valid or even necessary to perform actions that may fail: The password_hash() function checks different randomness sources like /dev/urandom, and that alone can trigger warnings (along the lines of: “Access to path restricted.”). Stopping the script on those warnings will render it unusable.


It's even worse if you use libraries or other third-party software, because a lot of programmers use notices and warnings for exactly this purpose: as notices and warnings. They don't assume you're turning everything into fatal errors.


Why do you need to stop the entire script? Just log all messages and check them regularly.

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Ghehe I've been doing this for a long time now. Turning everything into an errorexception. Something along the lines of:


set_error_handler(function($errno, $errstr, ..) {
if ($errno === E_USER_DEPRECATED || $errno === E_DEPRECATED) {
$this->notifier->sendDeprecatedMail($this->getApplicationInfo(), $errstr, ['file' => $errfile, 'line' => $errline, 'context' => $context]);
return false;

if (!(error_reporting() & $errno)) {
return false;

throw new ErrorException($errno, $errstr, ..);


Didnt' knew about the password_hash() thing. Might need to revise :)

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