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Hi, I want to align text within a text input box. Seems this only works within a style"text-align:right" statement but not within the <input> statement.

        <div style="width:450px;height:230px;padding:10px;"> 	
           <div style="width:240px;height:30px;float:left;">
               <div style="width:440px;float:left;">Entry Date:
               <input style="text-align:right;" type="text" size="1" maxlength="2" name="DD_Entry" value="<?=$SE_DD_Entry?>"> /  
               <input style="text-align:right;" type="text" size="1" maxlength="2" name="MM_Entry" value="<?=$SE_MM_Entry?>"> / 
               <input style="text-align:right;" type="text" size="2" maxlength="4" name="YYYY_Entry" value="<?=$SE_YYYY_Entry?>"> 
               <span style="color:red;"><?=$_SESSION['Error_5']?></span></div>

This doesn't work

            <div style="width:220px;height:30px;float:left;clear:both">Money in:     £
            <input type="text" maxlength="10" size="5" name="MoneyIn" text-align="right" value="<?=$SE_Money_In?>" size="8">
            <span style="color:red;"><?=$_SESSION['Error_6']?></span></div>
            <div style="width:220px;height:30px;float:left;clear:both">Money Out:  £
            <input type="text" maxlength="10" size="5" name="MoneyOut" text-align="right" value="<?=$SE_Money_Out?>" size="8">
            <span style="color:red;"><?=$_SESSION['Error_7']?></span></div>     

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Some tags (like <div> and <p>) have their own 'align' (not text-align) attribute, but <input> is not one of them. This is why your code does not work in the <input> tag directly.

You want to use CSS for alignment, so you just have to set it up in as you did with style="text-align:right;".

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