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Not working on iPad


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I've tried to program a shopping cart App and it works fine on my Mac and my Android Phone, but on the IPad, it's not adding the items to the shopping cart. I've used a free template that does most of the hard work for me, but used some database stuff to get the shop actually listing stuff.


My URL is: http://www.bristolmagicshop.com/single.php?id=14


So-far, so-good, but the iPad issue is starting to bug me now. 


Any suggestions?



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The fact it's not working on iPad suggests a browser problem, and, therefore by extension, a JavaScript problem?


Can you get a console from the iPad browser and see if JS is throwing some errors? Alternatively, there are "user-agent switchers" for most major browsers that might allow you to imitate an iPad with a browser (Like Chrome or FFox) that has a good console/debugger already built in.

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