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Error converting these codes to their mysqli counterpart.


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I understand that this is very late and u should have done this since but it's never late than never.

I need help converting these codes "mysql" functions to their "mysqli" counterparts.


$db = mysql_connect("$dbhost", "$dbuser", "$dbpass")

or die("Could not connect."); if(!$db) die("no db");


die("No database selected.");



$_GET = array_map('mysql_real_escape_string', $_GET);

$_POST = array_map('mysql_real_escape_string', $_POST);

$_COOKIE = array_map('mysql_real_escape_string', $_COOKIE);



{ $_GET = array_map('stripslashes', $_GET);

$_POST = array_map('stripslashes', $_POST);

$_COOKIE = array_map('stripslashes', $_COOKIE);

$_GET = array_map('mysql_real_escape_string', $_GET);

$_POST = array_map('mysql_real_escape_string', $_POST);

$_COOKIE = array_map('mysql_real_escape_string', $_COOKIE);




Please just help rewrite the correct one. I have been trying this all day.

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99% of the code is plain nonsense, so trying to translate this word for word will be a major waste of time, and you may have to start all over again in a few years.


I recommend you learn PDO (mysqli sucks), try to understand the goal of the code and then reimplement it with the techniques of the 21st century.

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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