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how to make notification menu in my project to work


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i'm trying to make a notification tab work but do not seem to get it right. The dropdown is working fine but the ajax call to newfriends.php is not working right, when viewed with firebug there are no results to be seen in the dropdown.Quite confusing. (note the dropdown menu is located in header and can only be displayed if the session is initialised) here is the ajax used in jquery:

function load_notifications(view=''){
       url: "notification/new_friends.php",
       method: "POST",
       success: function(data){


   // $(".dynamic-notification-f").load("notification/new_friends.php");
$(document).on("click",".count_friend", function(){
//loads every 2 seconds for chat

here is the new_friends.php content:

include '../includes/dbconfig.inc.php';

if (isset($_POST['view'])) {

if($_POST['view'] !=''){
$update="update friends set count='1' where friend_one=:session and count='0'";
$stmt->bindValue(":session", $_SESSION['uname']);
$sql123="select id from friends where friend_two=:sess_uname and count='0'";
$stmt123->bindValue(":sess_uname", $_SESSION['uname']);
/*$sql_f_count="select *from user where user_id=:session_id and activated='1' limit 1";
$stmt_f_count->bindValue(":session_id", $_SESSION['id']);
require "notification/friend_request_notification.php";
// $new_friends="<span class='dropdown'><a href='#' data-placement='bottom' class='btn dropdown-toggle' data-toggle='dropdown' title='Friend Requests' data-html='true'><span class='count_friend' style=' height:33px; width:30px;'><span class='badge1 label label-pill'>".$count."</span><img src='img/logo/group-button-white.png' style='height:25px; width:27px;' alt='new_friends_alert'></span></a><ul class='dropdown-menu'></ul></span>"; 
//$new_friends="<a href='#' data-placement='bottom' class='btn' data-trigger='focus' title='Friend Requests' data-toggle='popover' data-html='true' data-content='".$friend_requests."'><span class='count_friend' style=' height:33px; width:30px;'><img src='img/logo/group-button-white.png' style='height:25px; width:27px;' alt='new_friends_alert'></span><span class='badge'>".$friend_badge."</span></a>";
$new_friends="<a href='all_notifications.php'><img src='img/logo/group-button-black.png' style='height:25px; width:27px;' alt='new_friends_alert'></a>";
//echo $new_friends;
'unseen_notification' =>$request_count[0][0]

and the code for friend requests output:

require_once 'includes/dbconfig.inc.php';
$sql = "select * from friends where friend_two=:session and accepted='0' order by friends_date_made asc";
$stmt = $conn->prepare($sql);
$stmt->bindparam(":session", $_SESSION['uname']);
$numrows = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
if ($numrows < 1) {
$friend_requests = "You do not have any friend requests";
echo "$friend_requests";
} else {
foreach ($numrows as $i=>$row1 ) {
$reqid = $row1['friend_id'];
$user1 = $row1['friend_one'];
$datemade = $row1['friends_date_made'];
$datemade1 = strftime("%B %d, %y", strtotime($datemade));
$sql = "SELECT * FROM user WHERE uname=:user1 LIMIT 1";
$stmt = $conn->prepare($sql);
$stmt->bindparam(":user1", $user1);
$thumbrow = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
$user1avatar = $thumbrow[$i]['avatar'];

if ($user1avatar =="") {
$user1pic = '<img src="img/avatardefault.png" height="50" style="float:left;" width="50" alt="'.$user1.'" class="user_pic">';
} else {
$user1pic = '<img src="../user/user/'.$user1id.'/'.$user1avatar.'" height="50" style="float:left;" width="50" alt="'.$user1.'" class="user_pic">';

$friend_requests .= '<li><div id="'.$reqid.'" float="right" class="friendrequests">
<a href="home.php?u='.$user1.'">'. $user1pic .'</a>
<div class="user_info '.$reqid.'" id="'.$reqid.'"><small>' . $datemade1 . '</small>
<a href="home.php?u='.$user1.'">'.$user1.'</a> is requesting your friendship<br /><br />
<button id="'.$reqid.'" name="'.$_SESSION['uname'].'" sess="'.$_SESSION['id'].'" class="accept_btn btn btn-warning">Accept</button><span class="show-spinner"></span> or
<button id="'.$reqid.'" name="'.$_SESSION['uname'].'" sess="'.$_SESSION['id'].'" class="reject_btn btn btn-warning">Reject</button>


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Do you know that the php code is actually running error-free? You don't seem to have php error checking turned on and you don't do any check on failures for anything you do. At the very least - put an alert in your jquery code when it is called to see that you are actually getting there.

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your php code isn't outputting anything. you are producing the $data array, but you are not json encoding it and echoing it to the browser. the friend requests code is also echoing a string value and then exiting. this may be just for testing, but because the output isn't in the format that the ajax code expects, the javascript isn't going to do anything.


you need to get to the point of being able to write, test, and debug your code. for the time being, forget about using ajax. just write a html form that submits the expected fields and values to your php code and get your php code to work. once it produces the expected output for all cases of inputs, then you are at the point where you can add ajax.

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also, at about line 10 in the friend requests code, you have this - 

if ($numrows < 1) {

$numrows is an array, which may be empty if the query didn't match any rows, and that comparison makes no sense. use variable names that indicate the meaning of the data. this is the new friend request query result/data/rows and the variable name should be some variation of that information - $friend_request_rows would be one possible choice.


then, an empty array is treated as a Boolean false, so you can directly test it in an if() conditional or you could use count() to find how many rows are in the array.


next, your friend_one and friend_two columns should be the user id, not the user name. by storing the user name, you cannot edit any user name without going through and updating all the records holding the user name. storing the user id will also result in the least amount of data storage requirements and produce the fastest queries.


finally, don't run queries inside of loops. your query to get the user table information (avatar) should instead be gotten by change the new friend request query to be a JOIN query with the user table. this will also 'fix' the problem in the current code with the $i variable that only 'works' if there is a single new friend request.

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