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store echo value on a variable

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Hi I need help to store echo value in php and store on a variable but i get empty result. Thank you 

		$str = $row_product["rrp"];
		echo $str;
		$value = ob_get_contents();		
		$percentToGet = 10;
		$percentInDecimal = $percentToGet / 100;
		$result= $value * $percentInDecimal;
		echo $result-$value;

Thank you!

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First, the code doesn't make any sense. Why on earth do you echo the content of a variable and capture the output in another variable? Why not just use the first variable?


Secondly, you need to learn how to do basic debugging. Obviously your $row_product doesn't contain the data you think it does. So check how it actually looks like:

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Then what is even the problem?


Forget about this crazy output buffering stuff and just use the variables:

$percentage = 0.1;
$result = (1.0 - $percentage) * $row_product["rrp"];

echo 'The result is '.$result.'<br>';

This is basic programming.


Your math also seems to be off. When you calculate $result - $value, you get a negative value. I'm fairly sure you want the opposite direction, i. e. 90% of the original value.

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Hi Thank you for the reply. I know its basic programming but WHY it outputs 0 (zero)?





If i use this code below it will work correctly:

$percentage = 0.1;
$result = (1.0 - $percentage) * 80;

echo 'The result is '.$result.'<br>';
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Do you not understand that there's a difference between the number 80 and the string “$80”? Can't you see the dollar sign? This will fudge up any calculations, because PHP cannot convert that into a meaningful number (so it converts it to 0).


You need to repair your database. The price must be stored in a numeric column (e. g. DECIMAL) without any currency symbols. If the currency is always the same, you don't need to store it at all. If there are different currencies, I recommend you store them in an additional column and then add the currency symbol in the application.

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