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How important is using PDO binding methods?


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I only use : and ? for prepared statements never use bindValue() or bindParam().


One "trick" I have done when the where statement uses IN is as follows:

$sql="SELECT a, b, c FROM my_table WHERE id IN ($list)";
$stmt = $this->pdo->prepare($sql);

Another one for non-complicated inserts with a bunch of columns is a method which is passed the table name and an associated array where the array keys are used as column names.


    protected function insertDB($table,array $data)
        /* $data is an array who's indexes are table columns and values are validated data to insert */
        foreach($data as $key=>$value) {
        $stmt = $this->pdo->prepare("INSERT INTO $table ($columns1) VALUES($columns2)");
        return $stmt->execute($data);

Recently, when using this method, one of the values in the array was Boolean, and the associated SQL column was BOOL, and the query failed.


Am I living dangerously not using one of the bind methods all the time?  What are the particular circumstances that I should be concerned?


Can my insertDB() method be adapted to do so?  I am thinking that thee foreach loop can check the type of the array value, and bind accordingly.  But then again, PHP is so loose that maybe doing so is not smart.





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Choosing the parameter type based on the PHP type doesn't make sense, because there is no simple one-to-one mapping. For example, large MySQL integers don't fit into PHP integers and must be stored in strings instead.


So there are two options: Either you explicitly provide the types together with the input data. Or you cast the parameters in the query.

... CAST(:param AS INT) ...
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