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Listen to console events from srcds console

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I currently own a gaming server and I would like to build myself some protections. What I'm looking forward to do is quite simple. I am going to connect to my game server using the RCON protocol. I will then be able to see all events happening on this one. (I.E: Player "John" joined the server, Player "Mark" killed "Patrick" with "Hammer", ...). What I need to do is for every line that would pop-up, handle it and take proper actions depending on each of these lines. (If it is about a player that is joining the server, check if he is authorized (for example)).

Most of my other scripts are already written in PHP. I'd like to do that in PHP as well! Is there any PHP functions that allows me to track these events? The only way I'm actually thinking of doing this is scanning every second the console and if a new line appears, analyze it and take action. Am I going the right way?

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