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Source to understand permissions from PHP dev view


Go to solution Solved by Jacques1,

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I've been searching for sources to help me understand Linux Apache permissions from the PHP programmer's perspective getting only the rwx and 755 type descriptions and processes in abundance.


What I need is a *source* that I can learn Linux permissions from the perspective of the *PHP programmer*, not for the Linux admin who has the box locally or remotely. I'd like to know, for example, when to give each of the three users which permissions for my PHP app's directories, data files and PHP scripts on the basis of heightening security.


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You want the PHP perspective? Ask the server admin what to do. For all your questions about permissions.


Because what you do necessarily depends on how the server is set up, and if you're sticking your fingers in your ears and trying not to understand any of that then you are not qualified to make decisions about permissions.

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Thank you Jacques1


Along with the research that I've already done, that's exactly what I needed to know!


I respect the research you have done over your career and appreciate your willingness to share it. 

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Please don't resurrect old threads. Ask questions in your own thread and link to the old thread if necessary.


I've read that under some circumstances that the administrative user may also be a group, so in ajoo's example, master : master


No. Users belong to groups. So besides a user called “master”, you could also have a group with the same name.


In the given case, it wouldn't make any sense, and I haven't found any reference to this setup in the thread.

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