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Login button not working -- Brand new to php


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So I am trying to connect  a login page to a database I have made already in phpmyadmin. There is one row in this database which includes the username and password already. However, when I type those credentials in, and click the login button oh my login.php page, the page accepts the credentials, but doesn't throw an error/success message back to me. Been looking for countless hours online, finally I decided to come here




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Welcome to the php forum,


Looking at your code, you have not added code to say when click login do x,y,z


for example


if (isset($_post['login']))

then what you want to happen after login has been pressed




the logic is "has login been pressed? "


"yes" then run the code, 


mysql has been superseded by mysqli https://www.w3schools.com/php/php_ref_mysqli.asp


www.w3schools.com is a good site to learn about php for beginners

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Please ignore the captain's post. His code is not much better than the code you have copied form elsewhere.


Take the first advice - dump the code you have, read up on how to use PDO instead of MySQL and then do a little reading or maybe take a tutorial and LEARN how to code.


PS - you button and inputs will be retrieve via the $_POST array, not $_post, since PHP is CASE-SENSITIVE!

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