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Why my basic insertion won't work?


Go to solution Solved by NigelRel3,

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I was just playing insertion using PDO statement.

I just referred this tutorial and test it my code.


So I did but didn't work.  


Is there anything I miss? 


This is my Insertion: 



My localhost db is connected and running in localhost. Anyway here is also my config.



I wonder why it won't insert in my local db. Did I missed something in my insertion code? 

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Not really.


Your connection code is fudged up. You need to get rid of this stupid try-catch stuff, because it exposes internal information and is just irritating. Error messages are meant for you, the developer, not your users. What on earth are your users supposed to do with a PDO error message? They'll just think that your application has a lot of problems.


Then you need to enable exceptions, so that messed up queries are immediately reported. Learn how PDO works.

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