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converting from mysql to mysqli

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I am struggling a bit to convert mysql to mysqli and some things don't seem to be working and I have been battling for hours


I have this code that gives me the following error message


Warning: mysqli_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given

while (($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) !== false) {
		$names[$row['user_name']] = $row['user_id']; 
	return $names;

Thank you in advance

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Have you not read the replies in your previous thread?


Either give up mysqli and switch to PDO. Or learn mysqli. If you choose the latter, then be prepared to spend some time in the PHP manual. While mysqli may look like your old mysql_* functions, it's very different and requires a solid understanding of the API.


You clearly do not have that understanding. You have no error handling at all, and since some previous code failed (likely the query), you're now passing the boolean false to your fetch function. Which of course makes no sense.

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