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Randomise content without a database


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Hi guys


I have a series of images that are wrapped with links. I need these to display in a random order with each page refresh. I've had a quick look for some code that I can customise but I'm drawing a blank.


I just have 


<a href="http://www.diy.com"><img src="/_/images/where-to-buy/b-and-q.png" alt="B&Q"></a>


Obviously I need to keep the href image source and alt tag together. 


Is there a way to create an array or switch statement and then output it as needed?


Thanks guys

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I've just found this code. How would I echo this out into my html?



function retailerGet($name=null){
    $retailers = array('amazon'=>array('href'=>'http://www.amazon.co.uk/',

        $keys = array_keys($retailers);
        return $retailers[$keys[mt_rand(0,count($retailers)-1)]];
        return $names[$name];
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Are you looking for something that does 99% or more of the work for you? Or are you looking to solve the problem? Because there's not actually that much work involved in this. A couple minutes.


1. Make an array that has all the data for each link that you need. The multidimensional approach that sample code uses is good. Like

	array("link" => "http://www.diy.com/", "image" => "b-and-q.png", "name" => "B&Q"),
2. Use array_rand() to get a random key, then get the data using that key. shuffle()ing the entire array is a waste and the person who wrote retailerGet didn't understand that.

3. ???

4. Profit.

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