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Ask a stupid question time..where can I find where this image is?


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Hi All


I work mostly with HTML5 and can do all sorts of things with Wordpress which I understand the templates etc quite well but I have run into a problem with an old website using Turbo Seek which was created by Focal Media which is no longer in business. It does not just use php but also Perl. I thought I would ask here as it seems like such a simple problem.  


The site's owner installed an SSL Certificate and wants everything to be okay in https.  Problem is there are images on pages that are being called from somewhere other than the template, css and obvious cgi files.


I actually created this site over 10 years ago. Typically I just do some html changes. I actually am creating a new better site for him but until that is done we need to fix this - I need to point an internal image using https.  I cannot find where two images are stored.  How do I do that? I think they are in some cgi files.  I searched some obvious (to me) files on the server but really do not want to go through every single file. I figure there must be a way using Inspect on my browser but...I must be blind. Or is there a way I can force the whole thing to go through https for all internal links?  I wish he would have waited to do the SSL certificate until the new site is done.... but in order to get the green lock on the browser - I need these images fixed!  And now I have not fixed all the images and other calls yet but I know where they are - it is the two below the elude me. 

Here is the link for the page: https://getthatwholesale.com/html/Vaping/


The images I Need to fix are r10.gifand r9.gif


To be honest I have only spent about 45 minutes looking today but I should have found it by now.  I have been looking in the cgi folders. There must be a simple way to find this - I mean I set this up in the first place!  Wish my memory was infallible. If I am having a brain fart - lambaste me I am ready for it!  But please - how can I simply find where these image links are so I can change them... help! 

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Definitely not a PHP question. Moved to Miscellaneous.


We obviously cannot tell you where the files are on your server, because we don't have access. The public URLs are


Whether there are literally .gif images in an html folder, I have no idea. But you might want to search for the filenames.


I'm not sure how this is going to fix your HTTPS problems, though.

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This is probably as simple as changing reference to those files from

http://somepath/etc to somepath/etc  (relative pathing)
Obviously they are being served from the /html directory, but there may be rewrites etc, involved. As Jacques pointed out, this sounds like a mystery only you or someone with access to your server might be able to unravel.


Looking at the console there are a few other errors of concern, including the fact that there is a .css file that has bad permissions being referenced.


See this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xe6binfchextp1u/Vaping_2017-07-12_10-47-17.jpg?dl=0


At the risk of telling you something you already know, the vhost section for https is entirely different from the one serving http. They are essentially different sites which can have different directory sections (if apache is being used) etc, so you really want root/sysadmin access to the server to figure out this type of problem in many cases. Hopefully you have that.

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